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Binlaswad “[your-subject]”

From: Bobby Y.
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I am writing to thank you for the wonderful service. My partner loves your products and couldn’t thank you enough, specially with the service we received. She’s fond of your business to be honest 🙂 We are hoping we can purchase more once we get back from vacation.

Also, being a professional marketer, I can’t help but notice that your not getting much conversions on your website. I use a system, Movylo, I think it could really help your business and it’s free.

This is the website in case you want to give it a check: https://www.movylo.com/?atc=s9t3e6f44

I’m also open to chatting about it if you are interested. Anyways, thank you again and keep up the great work.

Happy Holidays

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The Binlaswad Company has been in business for more than 50 years in the area of wholesale trading of Agricultural equipment and its spare parts.


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