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So here we are at the blur nft Marketplace this is blur dot IO I will leave the link to this down in the description below now for this tutorial to farm this airdrop you will need a metamask wallet and you need ethereum I suggest you have at least half of an

Ethereum 0.5 eth so https://bluar.io I just connected my wallet as you see and now it takes me directly to the blur collections all of the nfts being sold on blur right this is like I said one of the largest nft marketplaces on ethereum and it’s important to not forget that the nft
Exchange tokens are a hot narrative in crypto last year in 2022 the looks rare looks token was airdropped to other users of this nft Marketplace and this has a market cap of 159 million dollars I’m expecting the blur token to launch with a market cap of around 200 to 500
Million dollars and they’re going to be air dropping 80 of their tokens to the community that has been using their platform so like I said first things first you need metamask and you need at least half of them ethereum once you’re on blur and you connect your wallet you
Will be taken to the collection page here on the top left you’ll see airdrop alright and this is going to take you to the airdrop leaderboard we can see airdrop 3 which is what we’re doing right now is the final and largest blur airdrop it’s one to two times bigger
Than airdrop number two which already passed but it’s not too late we still have seven days left we can see here that it lasts until the blur token Launches on February 14th and you earn points by placing bids okay and also you can maximize your luck by maintaining
Listing loyalty and we’ll be able to get the tokens from the care packages we get from collecting these points on February 14th so very simple we need to earn points by placing bids how do you do that let’s get into that right now first things first on the top right you’ll see
The little ethereum wallet you want to click on that and your wallet balance you’ll have your ethereum and your meta mask over here is your pool balance you need your ethereum and your pool balance so all you do is you move over the ethereum in your regular wallet to the
Pool right so you put in the amount you have like I said at least half an ethereum realistically but the more you have the way better it will be once you have your ethereum and your meta mask you add it to the pool all right I already have my Ethan so I’m
Not going to confirm this but regardless that’s step number one you have to add your ethereum to the blur pool in your wallet okay once you go ahead and do that it’s time to start placing bits so go back to collections here now in order to get as many points as possible you
Need to place bids on the popular collections that do the most volume and are at the top of the leaderboard all right you get less points if you place bids on Lower collections so we can see here the number one collection is the Chex VV but there’s no bids you can’t place bids
On this so second to that is the board API Club floor price is 68 ethereum okay so if you have 68 ethereum well then you can definitely go ahead and bid this because you will get a ton of points and you’ll notice right here on the top bid
Section of this chart the top bids are actually higher than the floor price this is because everybody right now is farming in the airdrop to get the points you want your bid to be as close to the floor price as possible so when the bid is above the floor price you’re getting
A lot more points and it deeply accelerates you know the points that you collect here so the more eth you have the better if you can bet on the top collections perfect so right now I am bidding on the other deed the floor Price is 1.687 ethereum Right now I
Actually have a bit in you can see all of your bids by hitting the top right of the screen to your wallet and it’s going to take you to the inventory hit bids over here these are all the bids that I have placed right now and this wallet I have

Two ethereum forming on this wallet all right so you can see all the bids that I have placed now the longer you leave your bid in place the more points are going to accrue so I’m not going to cancel these bids right now I’m just
Going to show you how to place more all right so for other deed this is the top three collection on blur right now so it’s good to bid on this one so what you’ll do is click on other deed you’ll hit bids top bit is 1.69 this bid can get
Executed somebody can sell the nft and you’ll have it in your wallet so then you’ll have to go ahead and sell it again and place another bid if that is the case but right now it’s a mutual understanding it seems that everybody’s just forming the airdrop so nobody’s
Executing the bids above the four price all right so once you have the nft that you want to place a bid on you’ll hit Place collection bid on the bottom left of the screen and now over here you’ll put in your bid price so I would recommend putting it at
1.69 that’s not Financial advice then you hit Place bid okay I already have it in but once you go ahead and do that you can go ahead and sign it and it’s going to execute the bid all right and it’s going to show up here on your profile if
You hit your wallet on the top right then you go to bids it will show up here all of your active bits so if we go back to collections like I said at least half an eighth so you can bid on stuff like pseudo Krakens and rug Genesis nft whatever you can
Afford to bid on that’s what you should focus on and like I said the longer you have your bid in place and the closer it is to the floor price the more points that you are going to accrue so that’s why the more eth you have the
Better off that you’re going to be you still have seven days to do this this has been happening for months so if we go back to the leaderboard people have absurd amounts of points these people with 120k points they’re probably going to get like 200 Grand from this blur token airdrop something
Like that right 100K 200k https://bluar.io I would not be surprised at all to see some people getting some crazy numbers but that doesn’t mean you still can’t at least get some blur tokens right now you still have seven days to go ahead and do this so I’ll show you another example if you
Wanted to bid over here on the rug Genesis nft I don’t have any bits placed here yet so I’ll show you how to do it you click in the collection right it’ll show you all of them for sale you go to bids over here the top bid right now is
0.26 ethereum and there are 11 bidders on that total of 83 these nfts are getting bid on up here at 0.26 so I will go ahead and match that by hitting Place collection bid down here in the bottom left of the screen and I’ll go put one
In at 0.26 and like I said if somebody executes this bid I’ll have this rug Genesis nft in my wallet and I’ll have to resell it but it seems that everybody on blur is just forming the airdrop so nobody is executing these bids but it has happened to me where a bid gets
Executed and then you just go and sell the nft and then start bidding again because once your ethereum leaves your wallet if you don’t have enough to cover your bids you need to replace them so I just showed you there that’s all you need to do to place a bid you’re just a
Place collection bid then sign the transaction and we can see in the top right of the screen it says bid placed now if I go to bids in my wallet it will show up here the rug Genesis mft I have one bit in at 0.26 all right so these are all the
Collections I’m bidding on right now beans is another one that’s decent it’s a little bit lower uh down here so the floor price on beans is 1.29 ethereum and the top bit is 1.36 eth right so I’m bidding right now at 1.36 eth trying to get as many points as possible there’s
32 other bidders doing this with uh they’re placing bids on 202 of these beans nfts this is from the izuki collection but regardless they’re bidding on 202 of these nfts right now and they are all accruing points and I’m one of them so this is how you get the

Airdrop it’s very simple this is not a complicated tutorial video um yeah this wallet I’m doing it with two ethereum the more ethereum you have the better so that you can bid on the higher collections here and then you’ll go ahead and get more points but this is
Going to be launching on February 14th you still have one week left all you need to do is get a metamask wallet put some eth into it then move it over into the blur pool here and then start bidding on the collections like I have
Showed you and it’s best to do it on the higher tiers leave your bid in for as long as possible as close to that floor price and you’ll start collecting these points it definitely is slower than it has been in the past accruing these points a lot of people are just farming
This airdrop right now but you can still get some blur tokens hope you enjoyed this video

Website to claim – https://bluar.io

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